Miguel Lara

Born in Alcalá de Henares in 1983. At the age of seven he began his studies of Spanish Dance with Nicolás Rocha and continued his training at the Real Conservatorio Profesional de Danza Mariemma, participating in workshops such as: “A la Luz” by Elvira Andrés”, “Sombrero de tres Picos” by Jose Antonio, “Homenaje a Madrid” […]

María Jose López

Born in Seville in 1984. At the age of four she begins her first contact with dance in the academy of Alicia Marquez, student of the great teacher Matilde Coral. Until the age of 12 she trained in Spanish dance and flamenco. After this first stage she enters the Conservatory of Spanish Dance in Seville […]

Juan Pedro Delgado

Born in Seville. He began his studies of Spanish Dance and Flamenco at the Escuela de Danza de Matilde Coral (Seville). He moved to Madrid to continue his studies at the Real Conservatorio Profesional de Danza Mariemma. He has been part of the companies of Aída Gómez, Nuevo Ballet Español, Diego Llori, Joaquín Cortés, Antonio […]

Cristina Carnero

She was born in Madrid where he studied at the Royal Conservatory of Professional Dance obtaining the qualification of outstanding. Her professional career began with numerous productions for the Teatro de la Zarzuela and the Teatro Real with Goyo Montero, and has worked in major companies such as Miguel Angel Berna, Mudéjar and Tierra de […]

Álvaro Madrid

Álvaro Madrid was born in Seville, in 1988. He began to take his first steps in dance, which he continued at the Conservatorio Profesional de Danza ‘Antonio ”El Bailarín. He moved to Madrid to enter the Taller Estudio del Ballet Nacional de España under the direction of José Antonio, where he was trained with teachers […]

Esmeralda Manzanas

She studied Spanish dance at the Mariemma Royal Professional Conservatory of Dance. She participated in the XV Flamenco Festival of Jerez in 2011, playing the role of Melibea in the production of La Celestina by the Shoji Kojima Company, choreographed by Javier Latorre. Along with Primitivo Daza in 2012, she danced La Vida Breve and […]

Jairo Rodríguez

Born in Medina del Campo, he began studying Spanish and flamenco dance at the age of 18 with Rodolfo Otero in Valladolid. He moved to Madrid and received classical dance classes from prestigious teachers like Ana Baselga and Gonzalo Zaragoza. He also studied Spanish dance with Victoria Eugenia, Paco Romero and Isabel Quintero and flamenco […]

María Nadal

Born in Madrid, she began studying dance at the Royal Professional Dance Conservatory of Madrid, where she earned a degree in Spanish dance and subsequently graduated in Scenic Design from the University of Kent. At the age of 19 she joined the “Ballet de Antonio Gades” and remained a member until the company was dissolved. […]

Miguel Ángel Rojas

Born in Granada (1967). He began studying Spanish classical dance with Maite Galán and Paco Romero, flamenco with Mariquilla and popular dance with Pedro Azorín, debuting professionally at the Ballet Español by Maite Galán in 1985. That same year he joined the Rafael Aguilar Company for a production of La vida breve, directed by Cristobal […]