Jairo Rodríguez

Solo dancer

Born in Medina del Campo, he began studying Spanish and flamenco dance at the age of 18 with Rodolfo Otero in Valladolid. He moved to Madrid and received classical dance classes from prestigious teachers like Ana Baselga and Gonzalo Zaragoza. He also studied Spanish dance with Victoria Eugenia, Paco Romero and Isabel Quintero and flamenco at the Estudios Amor de Dios with dancers Manolo Marín, Ciro, Guito, Javier Latorre and Currillo, among others. He launched his professional career with several companies 1993, including those of Emilio Jiménez and Suite Española, and a year later he joined the Antonio Gades Company to perform in Fuenteovejuna and Carmen. In 1999 he joined the ballet of Antonio Márquez, where he participated in successful choreographies including Bolero and Reencuentros by Granero as well as Movimiento Flamenco, Después de Carmen, Boda flamenca, and El sombrero de tres picos, a production he inaugurated at the Teatro Real in Madrid. He has been a member of the Antonio Gades Company since 2005.