Cristina Carnero

Solo dancer

She was born in Madrid where he studied at the Royal Conservatory of Professional Dance obtaining the qualification of outstanding.

Her professional career began with numerous productions for the Teatro de la Zarzuela and the Teatro Real with Goyo Montero, and has worked in major companies such as Miguel Angel Berna, Mudéjar and Tierra de Aragón, Rafael Amargo Poeta en Nueva York, Joaquín Cortés De amor y Odio, Cristina Hoyos OleOlá and productions of Blanca Li.

She was a member of the Ballet Nacional de España under the direction of Antonio Najarro for seven years.

She has been a dancer of the Antonio Gades Company playing the role of the bride in Bodas de Sangre and Laurencia in Fuenteovejuna.

She is part of the Antonio Najarro Company in the shows Alento and Querencia.

Since 2022 she is again part of the company in the plays Fuego, Carmen and Bodas de sangre, sharing the role of soloist in the latter two.