María Nadal

Solo dancer

Born in Madrid, she began studying dance at the Royal Professional Dance Conservatory of Madrid, where she earned a degree in Spanish dance and subsequently graduated in Scenic Design from the University of Kent.

At the age of 19 she joined the “Ballet de Antonio Gades” and remained a member until the company was dissolved. She later joined the Elvira Andrés Company, playing the role of “mother” in Bodas de sangre.

She is awarded as an actress and dancer at the Guetxo Theater Festival with A solas. In the “Maktubak” dance-theater company, directed by Alvaro Galiacho and Nieves Roche, she performed as a soloist in the production of Alma ausente, together with Fran Velasco.

She premiered his first show, Alen do Mar, at the Teatro Colón in A Coruña in 2008, with the collaboration of folklore expert Juanjo Linares.

She joined the Antonio Gades Company in 2009, and currently plays the role of the “bride” in the ballet Bodas de sangre.