Esmeralda Manzanas

Solo dancer

She studied Spanish dance at the Mariemma Royal Professional Conservatory of Dance. She participated in the XV Flamenco Festival of Jerez in 2011, playing the role of Melibea in the production of La Celestina by the Shoji Kojima Company, choreographed by Javier Latorre. Along with Primitivo Daza in 2012, she danced La Vida Breve and El Sombrero de Tres Picos with the Kristiansand Symphony Orchestra. She performs La Vida Breve and El Amor Brujo at the Palau de Las Artes in Valencia and the zarzuela La Chulapona at the Teatro de la Zarzuela under the direction of Goyo Montero.

She joined the Antonio Gades Company in 2012, playing the lead role of Candela in the ballet Fuego in the revival of this work at the Teatro de la Zarzuela (2014). In 2016 she began to play the role of Carmen. Since 2019 she shares her work time with the Company of Antonio Márquez, in works such as: Bolero and Medea and El sombrero de tres picos.