Gades on TV

Galas del Sábado 1968 Galas del Sábado 1969 Galas del Sábado 1969 Al compás de las estrellas 1971 Siete Días: Spanish National Ballet 1979 Bla Bla Bla 1983 Fila Siete 1984 Estudio Abierto 1984 Momentos 1986 Cine de Barrio: Interview by Los Tarantos 2000 NEWS Performance by Antonio Gades 28-2-1970 Interview with Antonio Gades 7-7-1970 […]

Awards and distinctions

Antonio Gades received many awards over the course of his career, including the following distinctions: Medal of Merit in Tourism at the New York World Fair. 1964/65 Teatro Vicente Escudero Award, Valladolid. 1965-66 Dionysus and Pallas Athenea; Paris. 1966 National Theater Award for Best Ballet. Ministry of Culture. 1969-1970 National Theater Award for Best Ballet. […]

Gades the Dancer

Antonio Gades bailarín

“As with anything, you have to strip dance down to the basics”. Dancer or flamenco dancer. For many fans, Gades was a dancer who danced flamenco, and for the classics he was a dancer who also danced classical ballet. The truth is that he was one of the most versatile artists in his genre. And […]

Gades, the choreographer

Antonio Gades coreógrafo

“It isn’t the step that matters, but rather what comes between steps”. Gades used to say that he became a choreographer because he didn’t have the money to have things produced for him. And so he had no choice but to create his own choreographies himself. He learned choreography from his teachers, drawing from his […]

Gades, Company Director

Antonio Gades director

“There were five of us in my first company, in 1963, and in the last one I formed, thirty-six”. “My first company had two dancers, a dancer, a guitarist, a singer and we debuted in Barcelona, where I had a lot of success at a flamenco tablao called Los Tarantos”. Thirty years later, in 1994, […]

The Teachers

Los Maestros de Gades

“You have to see and hear a lot, it’s integral to learning and growing”. Antonio was always very proud of the time when he lived and trained as an artist, “a time when each of us found a teacher who taught us what they knew, according to our physique”. And he said that nowadays they […]

Ethics of dance

Pilar López enseñó a Gades la ética de la danza

“As a child, I witnessed the humiliation and contempt so closely that, over time, dignity is something that concerns me to the point of obsession”. Gades recognized in Pilar López the teacher from who he’d earn the ethics of dance, which is dance the dance without seeking easy applause. A dance without deceit, without selling […]