Movimientos: la danza de la punta al tacón

Movimientos: la danza de la punta al tacón (Movements. Dance: From Heel to Toe)”.

Choreography, dance teacher and artistic direction: Mayte Chico. Antonio Gades Company.

Extract from Antonio Gades’ Fuenteovejuna (Bolero de Orellana collected by Juanjo Linares)

Lighting design: Dominique You

Original idea and script: Eugenia Eiriz. Antonio Gades Foundation

Duration: 1 hour

Educational show

In this educational show, the Antonio Gades Foundation proposes an approach to the different techniques in today’s dance panorama, with special emphasis on the world of the Spanish dance. Guided by the teachings of Gades and with two dancers and a choreographer from his company, schoolchildren will be able to see how human beings use their body, music, time, space, knowledge and…their shoes…to express themselves through a universal language.

Show co-produced with the Education Department at the Teatro Real and premiered at the Madrid Coliseum in May 2011