The Ballet

Inspired by the work of Prosper Merimee.

Plot, choreography and direction Antonio Gades and Carlos Saura.
Set design Antonio Saura.
Music Gades, Solera, Freire.
Recorded music Georges Bizet “Carmen”, M. Penella “El gato Montes” and José Ortega Heredia/Federico Garcia Lorca “Verde que te quiero verde”, Orchestra della Suisse Romande directed by Thomas Schippers, with Regina Resnik, Mario del Monaco, Tom Krause.

World premiere at the Théâtre de Paris on May 17, 1983

Duration: 1 hour and 30 minutes without intermission.

A bit of background…

First stage production resulting from the legendary collaboration between Antonio Gades and Carlos Saura. This production uses the intensity of Bizet’s score and contrasts it with the sensuality, passion, love and rivalry of the most authentic live flamenco performance.

The artists of the Antonio Gades Company live and breathe the ballet, revealing the many facets of a passionate and freedom-loving character with a fighting spirit. The masterful transition between the scenes is a nod to the cinema, the signature touch of the co-author and filmmaker. As in the rest of Gades’ productions, the clarity in the development of the drama is unmistakable. The events happen without the audience knowing for sure if they are watching a flamenco dance company rehearse or a real tragedy.

Twenty-eight years after its creation, Carmen by Antonio Gades and Carlos Saura continues to impact spectators around the world. A revolutionary production in its time, today it is a classic of Spanish dance and workhorse of the current Antonio Gades Company.