Santiago Herranz

He studied dance, both elementary and professional, at the RCPD Mariemma in Madrid. In 2012 he began his professional career in Japan with the company of Yoko Komatsubara. In 2014 he joined the corps de ballet of the Iberian Dance Company. In 2017 he began to participate as a guest artist in the company Ballet Español de Murcia under the direction of Carmen and Matilde Rubio. In 2018 he was part of two productions in the company of José Antonio Ruiz, choreographed by José Antonio himself and Patrick de Bana. At the beginning of 2019 he joined the corps de ballet of the Antonio Gades Company. In 2022 he was also part of the Olé Olá Show with choreography by Cristina Hoyos and José Carlos Plaza as stage director. He is currently a member of these companies as a corps de ballet and has played soloist roles in both national and international tours.