Cuba is not an adventure, it is my life’s harbor.

The avalanche of successes during his partnership with Carlos Saura and without the two women who had had impact on his life, Cristina Hoyos and Pepa Flores, are no longer with him, an exhausted Antonio retires from dance and dissolves the company. Although they will separate in 1993, he lives a peaceful live with Daniela Frey, sailing and always thinking about returning to the stage.


I think when an artist creates something, it completely drains him. When I create a ballet, for example, I’m drained. I need to rest after, read something new, see new moves, listen to different music, that is, have other ideas before being able to create something new.

El mar me gusta desde que tenía tres años y lo vi por primera vez

“I’ve loved the sea since I saw it for the first time when I was three years old. It was winter and my mother took me to the beach in Valencia. I was drawn to the water and went in, with my coat on and everything. Just like with life, you have to know how to love the sea, caress it, be part of it while always treating it with respect. The difference between sailing and driving is something like going to the mountain in a motorhome or a backpack and a sleeping bag”.

In 1992, Antonio decides to fulfill the dream of all Spanish sailors, crossing the Atlantic. He departs from Altea and arrives in Havana. “Cuba is not an adventure, it is my life’s harbour. I go out on the boat and when I come into any port I feel good, I feel like a man who belongs to nature”.

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