The Antonio Gades Company Today


The Antonio Gades Company has been one of the greatest bolsters of Spanish and flamenco dance since it was created.

Based on the repertoire of the legendary choreographer Antonio Gades, it showcases a particular school defined by Gades himself, which sets it apart from other Spanish dance troupes. Today, under the artistic direction of Stella Arauzo, the Company brings together several generations of artists, which makes it possible to directly transmit the mainstays of the Gades' school: an aesthetic and refined language, rooted in the traditions and culture of the Spanish people.

La Compañía Antonio Gades es desde su creación uno de los grandes puntales de la Danza Española y Flamenca

Gades turned Spanish dance into a universal style with an immense power of expression that makes it possible to wordlessly take classics of world literature, like Bodas de Sangre by Federico García Lorca, Fuenteovejuna by Lope de Vega, and of course Carmen, the quintessential Spanish legend that he staged together with Carlos Saura, to all corners of the world.

Since its revival, the Antonio Gades Company has once again performed on major stages in Spain, including the Teatro Real, Liceo, Lope de Vega, Principal, Maestranza, Calderón, Arriaga, and Campoamor. It has also continued to introduce Spanish art to audiences in cities and capitals of Russia, China, Japan, England, USA, France, Italy and Turkey.

The show appeals to and thrills all audiences regardless of age, cultural level or nationality.