Diego Franco

Guitarist and composer

Born in Bormujos, Seville. He began playing guitar at the age of 8 with the great master Miguel Perez, starting his professional career at the age of 14. He played in the tablao “Los Gallos” until he began to form part of dance companies such as those of Yoko Komatsubara, Cristina Hoyos, in which he participated as guitarist and in other companies as composer and guitarist: Adrián Galia Company (“En clave flamenca”. “Gigantes del flamenco”), Antonio Márquez (“Boda flamenca”) and Rafael Amargo (“Amargo”).

In 1998 he participated in the audiovisual encyclopedia (21 videos) “Paso a Paso los Palos del Flamenco”, published in Spain by SALVAT, under the subtitle “Sentir Flamenco”, distributed worldwide.

In 1999 he composed for the National Ballet the music for two choreographies in the work “Oripando”. In 2003, as musical director of the Compañía de Madrid, directed by Antonio Márquez, he composed the works “Zapateado” and “Preludio”. In 2000 he gives shape to the music of the show “El Baile Flamenco de las Nuevas Generaciones”, at the Teatro de la Maestranza in Seville, a show presented by Cristina Hoyos.
In 2008 he creates the company “Sintraste, S.L.” with the singer “Joana Jiménez” for the hiring, production, distribution, promotion, etc. of this singer.

In 2016 create the music for the first album of the group “Flamenco Silencio Proyect”. The following year he composed the music for “Oh Cuba!”, by Federico García Lorca, with Antonio Carmona and directed by Francisco Ortuño.

He has been part of the company Antonio Gades in the plays Carmen, Bodas de sangre y Suite flamenca, Fuego and Fuenteovejuna.