Dance School

The Antonio Gades Municipal Dance School is a space created to promote and develop the practice of dance. Designed for amateur dancers in general, it was created to train students in the enjoyment and knowledge of dance as part of being a well-rounded individual.

It also aims to guide students in their professional studies, providing academic accreditation to students with vocation and skills who so wish. In both cases, the school aims to offer a quality education, taught by qualified and experienced professionals, that ensures students a balanced knowledge and enjoyment of dance. The result is that dance ensures a physical and mental benefit, regardless of the diligence or intensity with which the student practices.

The Dance School, created through the joint efforts of the city of Getafe and the Antonio Gades Foundation, also provides a space for professional dance, sharing the facilities with the resident Antonio Gades Company in Getafe. This circumstance, through contact with one of Spain’s most prestigious international dance troupes, provides an excellent connection to the world of elite dance, from both a practical and intellectual point of view.

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She studied at the «Mariemma» Royal Professional Dance Conservatory (Madrid), graduating with honors. She then worked for the Zambra and the Corral de la Pacheca flamenco tablaos, as well as the Florida Park party room in Madrid together with Miguel Sandoval. She joined the Luisillo Dance Theater Company in 1993 with the productions Luna de sangre and La Trilla. She participated in several productions at the Teatro de la Zarzuela and the Teatro Real in Madrid. She then joined the Carlota Santana Company for major tours of the U.S. She was a soloist and principal dancer for the Antonio Márquez Company from 1997 to 2005. She joined the Antonio Gades Company in 2005 as a soloist and choreographer of pieces for the Antonio Gades Foundation educational program. In 2015 she worked as Spanish Dance choreographer for José Carlos Martínez’s Ballet Don Quijote for the National Dance Company. She began teaching her first Ballet and Spanish Dance class at the Antonio Gades Dance School (Getafe) in the (2016-2017) academic year.


Bachelor’s Degree in Dance, with a concentration in Spanish Dance Choreography and Performance Techniques at the Rey Juan Carlos University, and a Master’s Degree in Performing Arts from the same school. She has extensive experience as a teacher at different dance schools in Spain and abroad. She has been a member of theatrical and dance companies including: Tablao Brûle (2015-2016); Troupe del Cretino (2004-2015); Joven Ballet de Cámara de Madrid, performing various pieces from the repertoire of Spanish dance throughout Spain, Portugal and Cuba (2003-2010); Revistas Puerta de Alcalá, on the company’s Spanish tour (2009); José Carmona Company, at the Shanghai International Arts Festival, China (2004); Antonio Canales’s company, with performances at the Teatro de Madrid to celebrate the company’s anniversary, (2002); and Alberto Agudín’s lyrical dance company. She has taught Spanish dance and flamenco at the Antonio Gades Municipal Dance School (Getafe) since 2013.


She studied at the Carmen Amaya Professional Dance Conservatory (Madrid), and obtained her degree in Spanish Dance. She has trained specifically in Spanish dance, classical dance and flamenco with prestigious professionals and has also received specialized training in other disciplines including ballroom dance, Latin dance, funk, and jazz. She has worked with the Cristian Pérez Dance Company (2010), with the Spanish National Ballet (2010-2011), the new Ballet Español (2011-2012), and the Cecilia Gómez Flamenco Ballet (2013). As a soloist she has worked under the direction of Antonio López (2010) and Daniel Doña (2011). She joined the Antonio Gades Company in 2015. She also acquired experience as a dance teacher for children and adults at several specialized centers. She began teaching Modern Ballet at the Antonio Gades Municipal Dance School (Getafe) during the 2016-2017 academic year, and currently teaches Spanish Dance and Ballet as well.