The Antonio Gades company, Getafe's resident dance company


Months before he died, Antonio Gades created a foundation to manage his artistic legacy and help promote his work, thus fostering a greater knowledge of Spanish dance around the world. Back on stage at the request of this Foundation, the Antonio Gades Company is the only dance company that exclusively stages the ballets by the Alicante-born choreographer, keeping the spirit and the original guidelines with which his works were designed intact.

Under the artistic direction of Stella Arauzo (who danced with Gades for years after replacing Cristina Hoyos in Carmen), and the technical direction of Dominique You (for many years the Gades’ lighting expert and right-hand woman), the new company includes several performers from the original cast who, together with the new members, ensure the cornerstones of Gades' work are passed down to new generations, expressing the deepest concerns for the human being, within a purified aesthetic language rooted in the traditions and culture of the Spanish people.



Compañía residente en Getafe desde 2006

After debuting at the Teatro de Romano with Carmen followed by practically non-stop touring, the Antonio Gades Company has brought Carmen, Bodas de Sangre, Suite de Flamenco and most recently Fuenteovejuna back to the stage.

Recognition of the Company's work is evidenced not only by the many spectators who have already attended its shows but also by the awards the company has garnered, including the Giraldillo de Oro at the Flamenco Biennial in Seville, the Demófilo Award from the Fundación Machado, the Teatro Rojas de Toledo Award, awarded by audience and one of which the company is particularly proud, and the Ibero-American Award from the AISGE.

The Antonio Gades Company has been the resident company in Getafe since November 2006.