Suite de Flamenco 1963-1983

Antonio Gades would take the dances he performed to launch his solo career in around 1963 to shape what would become the Suite de Flamenco five years later, eight pieces of traditional flamenco dance interpreted through Gades' singular angle.


Antonio Gades en Suite de Flamenco
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This Suite was performed by his company, which included Cristina Hoyos, his dance partner for over twenty years, who had replaced Curra Jiménez, Antonio's partner in the early years.

This Suite was performed by his company as the second part of a Suite Española that included the Jota, the Vito, La Muerte de Don Juan, the Zapateado by Sarasate, and other numbers that the Foundation aims to reshape and stage in the coming years.

The Flamenco Suite is a series of numbers that offer a surprising take on the aesthetics of flamenco dance, with solos, duets and group dances, all facets of flamenco dance as seen from Antonio Gades’ own perspective. It is an excellent chance to see a type of flamenco that is no longer danced today, a style described in its day as avant-garde and today considered a classic.

  1. BULERIAS The entire company
  2. SOLEA or TARANTO 1 female, 2 men
  3. SOLEÁ POR BULERÍAS Female solo males
  4. FARRUCA or MIRABRÁS Male solo
  5. ZAPATEADO 6 males
  6. TANGUILLOS 8 females
  8. RUMBA The entire company

Choreography: Antonio Gades (1, 2, 4, 5, 7, 8). Cristina Hoyos (3, 6)

Lighting: Antonio Gades

Music: Antonio Solera, Emilio de Diego, Antonio Gades

Duration: 70 minutes without intermission

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