Awards and distinctions

Antonio Gades received many awards over the course of his career, including the following distinctions:

  • Medal of Merit in Tourism at the New York World Fair. 1964/65
  • Teatro Vicente Escudero Award, Valladolid. 1965-66
  • Dionysus and Pallas Athenea; Paris. 1966
  • National Theater Award for Best Ballet. Ministry of Culture. 1969-1970
  • National Theater Award for Best Ballet. Ministry of Culture. 1971-72
  • Festivales de España Trophy. 1975
  • National Theater Award for Performance and Choreography. Ministry of Culture. 1979
  • Limón Award from the Press Association. 1979
  • National Dance Award. Ministry of Culture. 1988
  • Max Award for Best Choreographer for Fuenteovejuna. 1998
  • Max Award for Best Dancer for Carmen. 1998
  • Compás del Cante. 1998
  • National Award from the School of Flamencology for Flamenco Dance Mastery. 2001
  • Calle de Alcalá Award for Dance at the Festival Flamenco Caja Madrid. 2002
  • Critics Award at the Festiva de Jerez for Best Show for Fuenteovejuna. 2002
  • Festival de las Minas de la Unión; Lifetime Achievement Award. 2003
  • World Andalusia Day, homage by the Regional Government of Andalusia. 2003
  • Order of José Martí from the Council of State of the Cuban government. 2004